Construction Geometry Library in Python
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Hello All ! I am Rohit Vijay Bapat a Software Developer by profession. I am a Mechanical Engineer and like Maths. I love Computational Geometry (that's why I am still learning it!) and Development. I have created this library for STUDY purpose only!

I know there are other CAD libraries available online but, I come from a unique background with lots of experience in various fields such as CAD/CAM, CFD, FEA, Scientific Visualization and Virtual Reality/Gaming. Hence, I see a Computational Geometry library in different light.

I have a website CGLibPy (Computational Geometry Library in Python) as dedicated website for this particular library. I hope it will always be a work in progress because, everyday I learn something new. I will try to keep it as updated as possible.

I have chosen Python as my primary language of development. Basic reason for that is the speed with which a code can be written in Python is way more than other languages, it is free to use, easy to deploy and can be scaled to be used in a web application (this will be a dream come true if I will be able to develop it. Of course it will take time and may be your help as well). Purposefully I am trying to avoid using any other libraries such as scipy or numpy etc. Not that I hate them it's just that I want to keep my library as original as possible.

I want to make this a Public library so that, if you find this library interesting and worth your time, you can also collaborate with me!

Looking forward for your help, collaboration and suggestions..

Note: Just in case you are interested in learning Python or Lerning to debug python please visit my webiste Python For Life which is dedicated to Python and also debugging in VS Code