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darkclip commented Jan 21, 2020

In las file format, vlrs info is crucial to correctly describe point's spatial location.
However, if you try to use pyntcloud.las_header.vlrs, you wouldn't get anything, the value is alway none.

Through your source code, I can see you try to use
data["las_header"] = las.header
But it can not pass vlrs or evlrs info into new object, because in laspy, vlrs info is dynamically obtained afterw

CleverCSV is a Python package for handling messy CSV files. It provides a drop-in replacement for the builtin CSV module with improved dialect detection, and comes with a handy command line application for working with CSV files.

  • Updated Jan 15, 2021
  • Python
tct492 commented Apr 15, 2018

It would be neat to be able to read a remote file to a variable.

Here's my hacky implementation:

from pssh.ssh2_client import SSHClient
from pssh.native._ssh2 import wait_select
from pssh.constants import DEFAULT_RETRIES, RETRY_DELAY
from ssh2.error_codes import LIBSSH2_ERROR_EAGAIN
from ssh2.sftp import LIBSSH2_FXF_READ, LIBSSH2_SFTP_S_IRUSR

class MySSH2Client(SSHClient):

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