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YUI Editor for Movabletype 4.x
Copyright 2009 Richard Benson
Released under GPL:
Developed by Richard Benson

Included in the package is ConfigAssistant 1.4 from Byrne Reese

To install:

1) Copy contents of zip to your MT directory keeping folders intact
2) Edit mt-config.cgi and add the following line:
	RichTextEditor YUIEditor
   OR use the Rich Text Editor Selector plugin from:
3) Upload and enjoy!

Upgrade notes:
If you have made changes to config.js, your settings will need to be re-set in
the blog plugin settings page.  Additionally, if you have made any JavaScript
customisations to the editor using AfterYUIInit() then that will need to be
copied to the new config.js.

To configure:

Several options are available in the blog settings,
they are explained in there and at the following web address:

To enable auto-tag selections you will need to get a Yahoo! appid for each blog,
from  You will only need "Generic, No user
authentication required".

	~ Updated ConfigAssistant to 1.6.1
	~ Update to use 2.8.0r4 libraries
	~ Fix full-screen button
	~ Namespace code and tidy up

    ~ Added auto-tagging of entries to the RTE
    ~ A new button will appear in the toolbar if you have added a Yahoo! appid to the blog config
    ~ Packaged in ConfigAssistant to enable the blog settings to work

    ~ Update to use 2.7.0 libraries

    ~ Update to use 2.6.0 libraries

    ~ Adjusted width to make toolbar acceptable in IE6

    ~ Seem to have fixed the IE7 display issues
    ~ Tweaks here and there for layout in IE

    ~ Added 'ConfigYUIBase' to config.js so that you can host the YUI build
      files locally (this will negate the need for different versions of my plugin)
    ~ Moved to dynamic loading of required JS and CSS files to enable above,
      stopped short of the YUI loader for performance reasons
    ~ Added a function to config.js with a reference to the editor object that
      is called after load so that your own customisations can be added
    ~ Added full screen view
    ~ Fixed HTML editor box showing wrong size in FF (still an issue in IE)
    ~ Added insert file option that uses MT's asset dialog (if you have
      ConfigUseMTAssets set true)
    ~ Rearranged new buttons on menu
    ~ Fixed code to adjust containing DIV that was wrong, but somehow worked.
      Thanks to Dav.
    ~ Various tweaks and bits to existing code/functions and additional comments

    ~ Added option in config.js for xhtml compliant code. Default is
      set to xhtml, but other options are available, see the config
      file for details.

    ~ Fixed Dirty flag always being true and showing you the "are you sure
      you want to leave this page" dialog
    ~ Got the turning RTE off and on through MT drop-down working
    ~ Added config file for easy configuration
    ~ Switched to using Yahoo! hosted JS files
    ~ IE7 problem still exists

    ~ Now uses MT's asset managment as an option (default is on)
    ~ IE7 still throws a wobbly with the toolbar every now and then,
      some times it just lays the alignment buttons in column, other
      times the buttons are all over the place.
    ~ Removed the MT convert_breaks drop down as have built in a HTML
      editor and having this AND the HTML edit function was not compatible.
    ~ Form tags are still removed, but the contents left behind, this can be
      changed easily, let me know.

0.9 - First public release
    ~ Works in entries and pages and allows switch between body and extended
    ~ Removed content area sizer as RTE will now stretch automaticallt to fit
    ~ Doesn't use MT's built in asset management
    ~ Doesn't allow switching between RTE and plain text using MT drop-down,
      you can however view in HTML edit mode
    ~ Weird layout issues in IE7
    ~ Form elements will be removed from entry/page content by YUI - still don't
      know why it would do this!
    ~ Tested in FF2, IE7, Opera 9

Special Note:
None of this would have been possible without the FCK Editor plugin from
David Davis ( as MT's documentation on all of this
is non-existant!