GWT wrappers around some of the Cesium JS library
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Note that this library is now maintained in the Harmonia Holdings Group GitHub site for Cesium-GWT


GWT wrappers around some of the Cesium JS library.

The latest version has been upgraded to Cesium 1.2 and was also tested against Cesium 1.0. This release should still be forward-compatible with future Cesium JavaScript releases, but some new features may not be backward compatible. (For example, GeoJSON support was added to Cesium after 1.0's release. Cesium-GWT now supports GeoJSON, but only if you are using a version of Cesium that supports it.)

Note: This release now depends on the JsFunction-GWT API (also on GitHub). JsFunction APIs were part of Cesium-GWT but have been broken out into a separate library for multipurpose use (including use in the OWF-GWT API for OZONE Widget Framework.

The project page, including "To Do's", can be found at

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Apache 2.0

(This library is based on the Apache 2.0-licensed Cesium project at .)