C# wrapper for the Luna Node Dynamic API
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C# wrapper for the Luna Node Dynamic API

Luna Node provides high performance cloud servers in Toronto, Montreal, and Roubaix (France).
See https://dynamic.lunanode.com/info.php?r=2427 for more info (aff. link)

Their service includes an API that can be used to automate parts of the control panel, which is pretty easy to use, but lndapi makes it even easier!

For a real-world example of its usage, check out lndbackup

I test every method as I add it, but there could still be edge cases or bugs that I've missed, so throwing a breakpoint on the call to WC.UploadValuesTaskAsync to double check the values in requestModel wouldn't be a bad idea!

Supported Actions

vm: start, stop, reboot, info, delete, reimage, resize, rescue, vnc, create, snapshot, list
dns: list
image: list, delete, details, replicate, fetch, retrieve
volume: list, delete
floating ip: list
virtual network: list, delete
lb (load balancer): list, delete
plan: list
region: list
securitygroup: list
startup script: list
billing: credit

Unsupported Actions (for now)

vm: diskswap, floatingip-add, floatingip-delete
dns: set, zone-list, zone-add, zone-remove, record-list, record-add, record-remove, dyn-list, dyn-add, dyn-update, dyn-remove
volume: create, attach, detach, info
floating ip: add, delete
virtual network: create
lb (load balancer): create, info, member_add, member_remove, associate
server monitor: check-list, check-types, check-add, check-remove, contact-list, contact-add, contact-remove, alert-list, alert-add, alert-remove