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Blueprints for a low-cost laser combiner compatible with wide-field and localization microscopy.


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Laser engine

Blueprints for a low-cost laser engine compatible with wide-field and localization microscopy. The laser engine is based on affordable, albeit powerful, laser diodes, a square multimode fiber and a speckle-reduction module.

ℹ️ ​How to navigate the repository

The repository contains the following complementary modules:

  • Agitation module: a box holding a motor suspended by elastic cords for speckle and noise reduction.
  • Laser diode electronics: Electronics to control the power and triggering of the laser diodes from the computer.
  • Laser engine: plans and guidelines of the optical path. It contains several submodules:

Repository updates

This repository is updated with the newest developments. If you wish to consult the repository in the state of the publication, please check out the tag boe within your local git copy:

git checkout boe

Or download the release on Github or Zenodo.

⚠️ Safety warnings ⚠️

  • Always work with adequate laser light protection.
  • The foam board used in the enclosure is a fire hazard when subjected to strong laser light. Make sure to place beam stops behind the dichroic mirrors and the polarization beam splitter so that no laser beam hits the foam board panels.
  • Building the electronics oneself requires experience in soldering and electronics in general. Make sure you are working safely.

Cite us

Daniel Schröder*, Joran Deschamps*, Anindita Dasgupta, Ulf Matti, and Jonas Ries, "Cost-efficient open source laser engine for microscopy," Biomed. Opt. Express 11, 609-623 (2020), doi: 10.1364/BOE.380815

Repository on Zenodo: DOI


If you have any question, get in touch with the Ries group.




The electronics was designed by Christian Kieser, Electronics workshop, EMBL.

Pictures credit: EMBL/Marietta Schupp


Blueprints for a low-cost laser combiner compatible with wide-field and localization microscopy.







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