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Binder repository of supplementary interactive notebooks for the QCS paper.


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Supplementary interactive notebooks for the QCS paper

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Binder repository for the code and datasets that underpin the results in the paper A quantum-classical cloud platform optimized for variational hybrid algorithms by Peter J. Karalekas, Nikolas A. Tezak, Eric C. Peterson, Colm A. Ryan, Marcus P. da Silva, and Robert S. Smith. The notebooks directory contains Jupyter notebooks that reproduce all of the analysis and plotting for the paper, using the data in the notebooks/datasets directory. All the resulting plots and figures are in the figures directory. To run the notebooks in a preconfigured environment on Binder, click here or the badge above!

Alternatively, you can run the image locally with the following command (replacing PORT with the localhost port you'd like to run the notebook server on):

docker run -p PORT:8888 rigetti/qcs-paper

This will start the container, and somewhere in the terminal output it will print a URL that looks something like the following, but with TOKEN replaced with a long string of letters and numbers:

Copy paste the above URL into your browser, replacing 8888 with PORT. This will bring up the JupyterLab interface.

Docker Configuration

This Binder repository is built using the rigetti/forest-notebook Docker image, which comes with pyQuil installed, quilc and QVM servers running in the background, and additional Python packages for data analysis and visualization. To learn more, check out the rigetti/forest-notebook repository!

Paper Citation

The preprint of our paper on Quantum Cloud Services (QCS) is available on the arXiv. Additionally, it was published here in IOP's Quantum Science & Technology journal, as part of the Focus on Quantum Software special issue. To cite our paper, please use the following BibTeX snippet:

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