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RISC-V Microcontroller

Open Source Software for RISC-V Microcontroller


  1. Forked from riscv/riscv-openocd

    Fork of OpenOCD that has RISC-V microcontroller support

    C 30 18

  2. Forked from riscv-collab/riscv-gnu-toolchain

    GNU toolchain for RISC-V, including GCC. Tweaked for microcontrollers.

    C 20 11

  3. Forked from riscvarchive/riscv-binutils-gdb

    RISC-V backports for binutils-gdb. Development is done upstream at the FSF. Including Nuclei's extension instructions.

    C 3 6

  4. Forked from riscvarchive/riscv-newlib

    RISC-V port of newlib

    C 3 6

  5. SEGGER Embedded Studio Projects For Nuclei SDK

    C 19 10