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Applet for monitoring realtime network speed for Cinnamon Desktop Environment
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NetSpeed for Cinnamon

A simple applet to monitor the realtime network speed for Cinnamon Desktop Environment.

Inspired from NetSpeed extension for Gnome 3. Thanks hedayaty!

Work is in pre-alpha stages.

##Installation Copy the netspeed@rkrp folder to either ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/ to install it just for the current user or copy it to /local/share/cinnamon/applets/ directory to install it system-wide.

Or you can wait until the applet is submitted to Cinnamon Spices so that you will be able to install it via Cinnamon Control Center GUI.

##To Do:

  • Automatic interface switching
  • Uploads Monitor
  • Menu to change network interfaces
  • Store/Retrieve Preferences
  • Settings Dialog to change preferences
  • Submit applet to Cinnamon Spices
  • Add text in About dialog
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