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Group Project 2 - Game Matcher

Game Matcher is an application I worked on with three other members of my cohort. After the user logs in or creates an account, they will select four video games they like from a table. The application will match them with other users in the database and recommend new games for them to play based on what others have selected. We originally intended to create a matching algorithm where it would only match users with similar games in common, but this was a bigger undertaking than we thought. We had a week to complete the project so now it will select another user at random and return their selection of games to the user.

Login instructions

It's possible to create your own account but you may also login with these credentials: Username: 123 Password: 123

My Role

I primarily worked on the frontend styling the UI and getting the table working by populating it with real data. We found a spreadsheet online containing raw video game data and fed it into our MySQL database. We then used Sequelize to fill that data dynamically on the page.


I designed the userflow and general look and feel of the application by creating wireframes. I turned these wireframes into a clickable prototype to demonstrate to my team how the app would work: My team used these mockups as a basis to code out the other screens and features.

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