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Flat 1.3 for SemanticScuttle 0.98.5.

Flat interface for SemanticScuttle by [Roman Lehnhof] (

Recommended for single users with admin rights and private bookmarks.


  • Flat look
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Removed voting system
  • Removed URL sorting
  • Removed welcome message
  • Deactivated "Featured Menu Tags"

###Release notes

v. 1.3

  • Improved layout
  • Minor fixes

v. 1.2.

  • Improved layout for various resolutions

v. 1.1.

  • Displaying "New Users" only when logged in
  • Displaying "Last Searches" only when logged in
  • Deactivated "Featured Menu Tags"
  • Minor template changes in footer
  • Minor documentation enhancements

v. 1.0

  • Initial release

###Open Tickets

  • Fix thumbnail display
  • Fix "Featured Menu Tags" display


  1. Unzip theme and template
  2. Put both /flat/ folders in place
  3. Set $theme = 'flat'; in config.php


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