P2P file transfer utility
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A simple, Zeroconf-based, peer to peer file transfer utility where you and your friend are in same local network and can talk to each other.

This app is inspired by zget but written in Golang.


  • Make sure
    • golang-1.8 is installed and go executable is available in system path.
    • $GOPATH/bin is included system path.
    • git is installed.
  • Run go get github.com/rnbdev/figo/... to install figo. Mind the trailing /....
    • It will download figo in $GOPATH and build and copy the executable in $GOPATH/bin.


  • figos to send file.
  • figor to receive file.

Suppose you want to share a video with Jay. Run

$ figos sunday_picnic.mp4

Then tell Jay to run,

$ figor sunday_picnic.mp4