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A MongoDB Explorer written on top of AngularJS and Node/Express
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NG-Mongo, an AngularJS-powered MongoDB Explorer from Tekpub

This is a MongoDB Explorer written in AngularJS using Twitter Bootstrap, powered by NodeJS/Express (for the API part). This is part of Tekpub's AngularJS.series

Currently NG-Mongo will:

  • Browse local MongoDB databases, collections, and documents
  • Allow you to edit each document using the excellent Ace Text Editor


NG-Mongo is written in Javascript (not CoffeeScript) on top of AngularJS and, of course, requires MongoDB. The project itself was created in JetBrains WebStorm but if you're a Microsoft developer you can download this directly and open it in WebMatrix 2 or 3.

The web server is NodeJS, so you'll want to have Node installed as well. If you receive errors on first start, run npm install in the root of the site (from the command line) to install any modules that don't get loaded from the repo.


Clone this repo: git clone into any directory and make sure that MongoDB and Node are installed on your machine. If you're using WebMatrix you can hit "Run" and up it will go.

On Mac/Linux, change directories into ng-mongo and "npm start" to start up the web server. If you receive any errors on start, be sure to make sure that all modules are installed using npm install -d

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