Generic exploit for master key vulnerability in Android
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Generic exploit for master key vulnerability in Android

  • Download and install Android SDK from

  • Download Superuser from then place Superuser.apk and "su" binary for your architecture (usually ARM) in the checkout directory (the same directory is in). They should be su and Superuser.apk. Actual download are signed zips, you may unzip and move the files to the dir.

  • Connect your device to USB and enable USB debugging mode. This changes for different versions of Android:

    • For Gingerbread and Froyo: Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging

    • For ICS: Settings -> Developer options -> Android debugging

  • Run ./ and follow the instructions

  • Enjoy your freedom and get rid of that annoying bloatware / spyware. May I suggest CyanogenMod (

Based on: