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Slug is an (incomplete) scriptable BitTorrent daemon for Unix-like systems.

I decided to create Slug because I'm fed up with the lackluster automation tools offered by other BitTorrent clients. I wanted a client that exposed a simple API combined with pattern matching which would allow an individual to write powerful pre- and post-hooks to be executed when a torrent that matches a pattern is started or finished.

Example usages/features:

  • Downloading every torrent from an RSS feed and then moving it to another folder automatically.
  • Moving a torrent to a specific folder based on a pattern, like moving torrents that match the regex "[Ll]ost" to "/tv/lost".
  • Automatically unraring a torrent and moving the unrared file(s) to a folder.
  • Contacting a metadata server and renaming a torrent based on the metadata recieved from the server.
  • Scheduling specific hours during which Slug should run.
  • Stopping a torrent after a certain amount of time or once it has seeded to a certain ratio.

All of these things will be possible with Slug and, most importantly, they won't stop the torrents from seeding -- even after being renamed, etc. This will be accomplished by embedding Lua for use as a scripting language inside of Slug and allowing users to write "rule files" to complete tasks. Slug's configuration will be exposed via a default rule file.

Slug, by itself, will not have a GUI but -- once I finish Slug -- I intend to write a user-friendly WebUI that can optionally be used alongside Slug. This will expose actions such as pausing and removing torrents and make torrent management a breeze, even when dealing with thousands of torrents. Ideally, you will be able to think of Slug's webUI as an even better version of Rutorrent.

How can I contribute?

Contributing is easy. Just fork the project, make your changes, and then submit a pull request.

Some stuff that needs done:

  • Clean-up the codebase to match OpenBSD's style guidelines. All of the linked lists need be reimplemented to use the macros from <queue.h>.
  • Lots of error checking has been ignored and needs added.
  • Read through the code and find areas that ought to be explained by a comment but aren't. Comment them or tell me to comment them.
  • Implement support for multi-file torrents. For more information, you can look at how unworkable does it.
  • Improve our queueing strategy. If you know C++, you could go dig through rtorrent's code, figure out their download strategy, and explain it to me so I can implement it.
  • Implement a variable length queue that's based on some network speed heuristic.
  • Flesh out announce support.