This is the robot code for 2018.
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Team 1701 (Robocubs) FIRST Power Up Robot Code

Welcome! This is our 2018 robot code for FIRST Power Up.

New This Year

  • We switched to Gradle and GradleRIO from @JacisNonsense.
  • We now use the Limelight vision coprocessor, instead of a RYO solution with an Nvidia Jetson TX1.
  • We switched away from Eclipse to IntelliJ IDEA for perfect refactoring support and much better assistance in general. Thank you @JetBrains!

Getting Started

Here is our not-so-famous 2-Step Setup® (three, if you count IDE setup):

  1. Open a terminal and clone the repository: git clone
  2. Set up Gradle:
    • On Windows platforms: ./gradlew.bat build
    • On valid computing platforms: ./gradlew build
  3. (optional) Set up your IDE with ./gradlew idea.

Other Useful Gradle Targets

  • ./gradlew build simply builds the target, and downloads any new dependencies.
  • ./gradlew build deploy builds the target and deploys it to the roboRIO.
  • ./gradlew --offline build deploy builds the target and deploys it to the roboRIO without checking for updates. This is very useful at competition.


  • There is no guarantee of assistance, but if you need help, file an issue.
  • This project is licensed under a 3-Clause BSD license (SPDX identifier BSD-3-Clause).