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Song is a WordPress theme for writers from robotdestroy. It is aggressively minimal with zero dependancies. Its focus is on speed and readability. There are no options, no images and the comments system has been disabled. It is responsive and only standard browser fonts are loaded. It uses no JavaScript and the stylesheet is 6kb.

Song is without question, the fastest WordPress theme ever.

The intended purpose of Song is for writers who wish to deliver content to readers with minimal distraction and maximum compatibility at the fastest speed possible. It is a simple, reliable, and elegant solution to present written work.

Comments Comments have been removed from this theme completely. Have confidence in your content and encourage direct thoughtful feedback by taking away the immediacy of knee jerk responses.

Speed The idea is to have as little code as possible in this theme. The minimized code in combination with a lack of external JavaScript files makes Song load incredibly fast. Used in combination with aggressive caching, you will easily have the fastest loading WordPress theme in existence.

Responsive Thoughtful flowing breakpoints allow this theme to work beautifully on any viewing screen. Well-considered typography makes for great readability on all viewports.

Branding There is no logo or title in Song. The name of the blog appears in the title bar of their browser.

Widgets The theme supports three widgets at the bottom of every page.

Child Theme Modification Modifying this theme is discouraged if you do not consider yourself a developer. In certain cases though, it might be necessary to make alterations to the theme. If so, a child theme is provided. Hack it all you like, and you will still be able upgrade Song when new versions are released.



A zero-dependancy responsive Wordpress theme for writers.






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