Creates the daily pages of the Nautical almanac
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Pyalmanac is a Python script that creats the daily pages of the Nautical Almanac. These are tabels that are needed for celestial navigation with a Sekstant. Normally these tables must be bought every year as a Book. This little program is trying to do away with this inconveniance. Most of the heavy computing is done by the free Pyephem libraries. Typesetting is done by TeX/LaTeX So before you can use this program you net to install:

Python v2.x (2.6 or later ) python 3 will not work out of the box




Install your platforms Python- and LaTeX distribution. Remember to chose python 2.x and install all develpment header files. Run at the command line:

pip install pyephem

Put the Pyalmanac files in any directory and start with:

python pyalmanac or ./pyalmanac


Every Mac comes with python preinstalled. You need to install the PyEphem library to use Pyalmanac. Type the following commands at the commandline (terminal app):

sudo easy_install pip

pip install pyephem

If this command fails your mac asks you if you would like to install the header files. Do so, you do not need to install the full IDE. Try again.

Install TeX/LaTeX from

Now you are almost ready Put the Pyalmanac files in any directory and start with python pyalmanac or ./pyalmanac