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An incrementally adoptable framework for building production React sites.
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npm i rola -g

This project is alpha, so I don't recommend using it in production yet. I welcome all ideas, critiques, and PRs :)

rola is a framework for building production React sites. Easily build static pages, a client bundle, server-side rendering and a custom API, all within the same project structure. It's simple to opt-in or out of what you don't need, and the codebase is simple enough that anyone can contribute plugins and features.


  • easy opt-in builds
    • ⚡️ static page generation
    • 🤓 server side rendering
    • 🏖 client-side application bundle
  • simple built-in routing
  • zero learning curve state management
  • simple plugin API


npm i rola --save


Coming soooooon.


Have a request? Open an issue!


Have a request? Open an issue!


More flexible, less config, API with high "guessability".


Oh please do! Let's collab :)


MIT License © Eric Bailey

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