Bare-bones example of how to create an application using Rollup
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This repo contains a bare-bones example of how to create an application using Rollup, including importing a module from node_modules and converting it from CommonJS.

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Getting started

Clone this repository and install its dependencies:

git clone
cd rollup-starter-app
npm install

The public/index.html file contains a <script src='bundle.js'> tag, which means we need to create public/bundle.js. The rollup.config.js file tells Rollup how to create this bundle, starting with src/main.js and including all its dependencies, including date-fns.

npm run build builds the application to public/bundle.js, along with a sourcemap file for debugging.

npm start launches a server, using serve. Navigate to localhost:3000.

npm run watch will continually rebuild the application as your source files change.

npm run dev will run npm start and npm run watch in parallel.