SPDY daemon and rack adapter
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SPDY daemon

This is a wrapper around the original Google's SPDY Framer. It includes a standalone server (spdyd) which can act as a SPDY-HTTP proxy (or use yet another HTTP proxy) as well as a Rack adapter. The server is built around Eventmachine, and should be pretty fast.



  1. gem build spdy.gemspec
  2. sudo gem install ./spdy-0.1.gem


  1. gem install em-http-request -v 0.3.0
  2. Optional, for daemonization: gem install daemons
  3. cd ext; ruby extconf.rb; make

Running standalone server:

Running it standalone is as simple as:


Check bin/spdyd -h for options.


You can also run it as a rack server:

rackup -s Spdy examples/local.ru

or for Rails application:

rackup -s Spdy config.ru


Copyright 2010 (c) Roman Shterenzon, released under the AGPLv3 license.