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BenchmarkSQL is a GPLv2 fair-use TPC-C like testing tool.


BenchmarkSQL is implemented in Java, using JDBC to stress test SQL databases. The overall architecture is a series of data structures, queues and thread groups that handle the simulated terminals, users and application threads.

Its architecture allows BenchmarkSQL to drive TPC-C configurations up to many thousands of warehouses (known as the scaling factor) without overwhelming the job scheduler of the test driver itself. Yet it is capable of doing so without sacrificing one of the most important measurements in a TPC-C, the end-user experienced response time at the terminal.


Please read the Full Architecture Description for a detailed explanation of the above diagram.


BenchmarkSQL V6 is meant to be built into a Docker container and controlled via its Flask based WEB UI and/or API. This allows for easy deployment of the benchmark driver on servers and cloud systems while controlling it through a browser or scripted.

See the build instructions for details.

Configuring and Running a Benchmark

BenchmarkSQL is configured with files in Java properties format. A detailed description of all parameters in that file can be found here.

[comment]: # (TODO: ##Automation. Point to a tutorial walking through using the (yet to be written) command line interface.)