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Important note: This project has been superseded by This repo remains as reference only.

Mandatory friendly warning - This design is currently under development. The design files are intended for reference only. Which simply means print / use / build at your own risk. But then you already know that.

This repo contains the STL files as well as the Google sketchup assembly drawing. You can use the explode command in sketchup if you need to modify any of the source drawings (an alternative to importing STLs).

No BOM list at the moment, but you can find out the required length of the fasteners in sketchup itself using the dimension tool.

Some notes:
- all threaded rods are M6
- smooth rods are 6mm dia. except for the z axis rods which are 8mm dia.
- smooth rods use linear bearings (LMXUU)
- idler bearings on X and Y axes are 624 bearings.
- extruder uses 3x 624 bearings.
- X and Y idler fender washers are 18mm OD x 4mm ID x 2mm nylon washers. These can easily be printed out if difficult to source.
- endstop holders for Y and Z are work in progress. Hack your way around to mount these (epoxy / ziptie / hammer something / design your own part etc.)
- locking clip mechanism based on design limits using M3x40 bolt. If a longer bolt is used, the clip can be wider, increasing stability. This is untested, so it may or may not be important (stability standpoint at least for the current 120mmx120mm build area version)
- IMPORTANT - hotend is work in progress. X carriage may not fit regularly used popular extruders. Do check through the design first and modify the parts before printing of needed. Also take special note of the nozzle distance from the lowest portion of the X carriage - your hotend nozzle has to be lower than the X carriage in order to print.
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