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How to Build

PCManX-gtk2 uses autotools (Automake / Autoconf / libtool) to construct
its building process, and provides various options for different profiles.

You can launch configure script with --help to dump the supported options, 
and here are the latest options:

  --enable-static	Enable static build.
  --disable-shared	Disabled dynamic build. [Default: Dynamic]
			If dynamic build enabled (default), the build results
			in as the shared library for the 
			standalone program and the plugin (if enabled). You
			can avoid this via the combination of the two options.
  --enable-debug	Enable debugging support or not [Default: Disabled]
			It will cause PCManX to dump more detail informations.

  --prefix=DIR		Specify the prefix directory to DIR. Usually, we woild
			like to use /usr as the manner defined in LSB (Linux
			Standard Base).
  --disable-docklet	Disable the docklet / system tray support.
			[Default: Enabled]
  --disable-notifier	Disable the popup notification support for incoming
			messages. [Default: Enabled]
  --disable-external	Disable the using of external SSH and Telnet program.
			[Default: Enabled]
  --enable-plugin	Enable the build of Mozilla/Firefox plugin for PCManX.
			You should install the development packages of Mozilla
			/ Firefox. [Default: Disabled]
  --disable-nancy	Disable NancyBot. ( Disable auto-reply waterballs )
			[Default: Enabled]

  --with-mozilla=DIR	Specify DIR as the Mozilla root directory for headers
			and libraries.
  --enable-libnotify	Enable the use of popup notifier support by libnotify.
			[Default: Disabled]
  --disable-mouse	Disable mouse click and wheel support
			[Default: Enabled]
  --enable-wget		Enable wget support [Default: Disable]
  --enable-iplookup	Enable IP location lookup. Useful to China locations.
			You also need to download qqwry.dat from the web and
			place it at ~/.pcmanx/qqwry.dat (case sensitive).
			[Default: Disabled]
  --enable-proxy	Enable proxy server support
			[Default: Disabled]

For example, if you are willing to create a special build dedicated to full-
functional PCManX as standalone program and an independent plugin (no shared
libraries), you can invoke the script as following:

  # ./configure \
	--prefix=/usr \
	--enable-static \
	--disable-shared \

Runtime Options
Passing "--help" argument to the command line would dump several options as

Help Options:
  -?, --help                  Show help options

Application Options:
  -m, --multiple-instance=N   Allow multiple instances

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