Python wrapper for eBay API
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python-ebay - Python Wrapper for eBay API

This project intends to create a simple python wrapper around eBay APIs.

Development and Download Sites

The entry at the Python Package Index is at:

Development is coordinated at Github:

How to Install

New Way

  • Install the library with pip or easy_install. With pip you must use option --pre, because python-ebay is currently labeled as prerelease (beta) quality.

    pip install --pre python-ebay
  • Create a configuration file.
    • Generate keys at eBay's developer website:
    • Create an example configuration file.
    • Rename the example to something sensible.
    • Edit the example, especially insert the keys that you generated at eBay's developer site.
  • python -c "import ebay.utils; ebay.utils.write_config_example()"
    mv config.ini.example ebay.apikey
    vim ebay.apikey
  • Before using python-ebay, you must tell it where the configuration file is:

    from ebay.utils import set_config_file
    from import FindProducts
    print FindProducts("pen", "false", "10", "JSON")

Old Way

  • Download a source package of python-ebay and unpack it.

  • Create a configuration file.
  • Install the (slightly modified) package with:

    python install
  • The python-ebay library now contains a working configuration file. You can use it without calling utils.set_config_file:

    from import FindProducts
    print FindProducts("pen", "false", "10", "JSON")


The pyton-ebay library is unfortunately not complete. An overview of the development status is available on our wiki. The currently implemented functions are listed together with a short description:

Extensive documentation of eBay's API is available on eBay's developer website. This documentation focusses on XML messages that are sent to eBay's servers, and XML responses that are received from those servers.

Example code in Python can be found in the directories examples/ and tests/. The complete source code can be obtained by either:


Apache License, Version 2.0 Please refer to details here:


  • Eike Welk
  • Utkarsh Sengar
  • Roopesh Vaddepally
  • Stephen Balaban
  • hbtronix
  • bogdanvarlamov
  • patoch