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An OpenTTD dedicated server administration plugin for Supybot / Limnoria written in Python. Forked from openttdcoop/soap
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Suds from /r/openttd

A Supybot Plugin for communicating with OpenTTD servers via the AdminPort interface

This plugin is released under the GPL, a copy of which has been included in COPYING.txt


  • working OpenTTD server (optionally OFS installed and configured)
  • Supybot set up in a channel
  • libottdadmin2 by Xaroth installed

Supybot comes with its own installation instructions. Those and its user manual can be found here:

OFS (Openttd File Scripts) can be obtained here: It simply needs to be copied to a directory on the same user@host as that OpenTTD server, and configured. See the included readme.txt for details. If the server is located on a different user@host from the bot, you will need to give the user running the bot password-less ssh access to the user@host. This allows the bot to eg download a savegame to the server.

Installing libottdadmin2:

First go to and either download the zip or git clone. Now there are 2 ways you can install this lib:

The first one is the easiest one, run python2 install from the libottdadmin2 dir. This will install the lib systemwide and make it available to any other python programs that may need it. You may need sudo access depending on the system setup though.

The other way is to copy the libottdadmin2 dir into the Soap plugin directory. Copied right should be found at this path: <PathToPlugins>/Soap/libottdadmin2/ This will give the same functionality, but only for the Soap plugin. On the upside, no sudo access required.


To install Soap, simply copy the Soap directory into the bots plugin directory, and load the plugin once the bot is running.


Configuration is handled via supybot's config command. First thing you want to configure is the default settings. Soap can handle multiple game-servers, but is bound to 1 server per irc-channel.

Correct format for config would be config plugins.Soap.<setting> <value> - for example, config

This will set the default for any new server to

To change a setting for one server only, you want to specify the channel: config channel [#yourchan] plugins.Soap.<setting> <value>

#yourchannel is optional when used in the channel (it will use the current channel), but required when used in queries. You'll want to use the latter method for setting the password. Example: config channel #mychannel can be used anywhere the bot is, whilst config channel will change the host for channel the command was issued in.

Finally, you want to activate the channels by configuring the list of channels. This is a global value, so theres only one variation: config plugins.Soap.channels #mychannel #myotherchannel ..., which will enable below commands for servers tied to those channels. Changing this setting will require reloading the plugin so that it can set up all the connections correctly.

If you didn't specify any settings for a channel, it will pick the default setting instead. This also means, that if you want one setting to apply to all the servers (eg you run all on a non-standard adminport), simply change the option as if it were a global setting.

For a description of the individual variables, see

Command List

Op/Trusted-only commands:

  • apconnect - connects to the openttd server
  • apdisconnect - disconnects from same
  • pause - manually pauses the game
  • unpause - manually unpauses the game (sets min_active_clients to 0)
  • auto - turns on autopause, and re-sets min_active_clients to theconfigured amount
  • rcon - sends an rcon command to the server
  • players - lists the clients connected to the server
  • content - updates the downloaded content from bananas
  • contentupdate - performs 'content update'. use this before using the 'content' command
  • rescan - rescans the content_download directory for new files. (May cause users to get disconnected)
  • save - saves the game to game.sav
  • transfer - transfers savegame to a web-accessible directory (usage: !transfer number savegame)

Commands requiring op/trusted and OFS installed

  • getsave - download savegame from url
  • start - starts OpenTTD dedicated server
  • update - updates the OpenTTD server and (re)starts it

Publicly available commands

  • playercount - shows how many people are playing
  • companies - lists companies
  • date - returns the ingame date
  • ding - should be ping, but that command was taken. Dings the server
  • help - links to
  • info - shows some basic info about the server
  • ip - replies with the address needed to join the server as a player
  • password - shows the current password needed to join the server
  • revision - shows current revision of the OpenTTD server
  • vehicles - totals each vehicle type in the game

These commands can also be called with channel or serverID as parameter. This can be handy when you want to command a server from a different channel or from private message.

There are also 3 ingame commands:

  • !admin - sends a message to irc requesting admins look at the server
  • !nick <newnick> - will change the ingame nick of the caller
  • !rules - replies with an url pointing to the rules for playing

Credit where credit is due

  • Taede Werkhoven: For writing SOAP, which this plugin is derived from
  • Xaroth: For writing libottdadmin2
  • Dihedral: generated passwords.txt from OpenTTD source
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