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support level: community

ROS-Industrial ABB meta-package. See the ROS wiki page for more information.

The abb_experimental repository contains additional packages.


Branch naming follows the ROS distribution they are compatible with. -devel branches may be unstable. Releases are made from the distribution branches (hydro, indigo).

Older releases may be found in the old ROS-Industrial subversion repository.

Naming Convention

All robot support packages and MoveIt configurations follow the naming conventions as described in REP-I0007.

Migration of abb_driver

The abb_driver package was migrated from this repository to ros-industrial/abb_driver as part of ros-industrial/abb#179. See that issue for rationale and a description of the process.

Please file enhancement requests and report issues for abb_driver on the issue tracker of ros-industrial/abb_driver.