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ROS-Industrial ABB meta-package (
Branch: kinetic-devel
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RyanDelGizzi and gavanderhoorn Adding Olive Green as a color (#160)
* Adding Olive Green as a color

* converted color to use xacro math instead of decimal number
Latest commit e0f94a0 Dec 18, 2018
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abb meta: update manifest. Jan 12, 2018
abb_driver driver: is_near: only check ext axis if present. (#155) Dec 6, 2018
abb_irb2400_moveit_plugins Update URDF shared pointers for melodic (#159) Dec 15, 2018
abb_irb2400_support Using the 'doc' attribute on 'arg' elements. Feb 14, 2018
abb_irb4400_support Using the 'doc' attribute on 'arg' elements. Feb 14, 2018
abb_irb6600_support Using the 'doc' attribute on 'arg' elements. Feb 14, 2018
abb_irb6640_moveit_config all: list Levi Armstrong as maintainer. Fix #138. Jan 12, 2018
abb_irb6640_support replace to xacro --inorder (#154) Oct 31, 2018
abb_resources Adding Olive Green as a color (#160) Dec 18, 2018
.gitignore kinetic-devel release of ros-industrial/abb Apr 6, 2017


Build Status

support level: community

ROS-Industrial ABB meta-package. See the ROS wiki page for more information.

The abb_experimental repository contains additional packages.


Branch naming follows the ROS distribution they are compatible with. -devel branches may be unstable. Releases are made from the distribution branches (hydro, indigo).

Older releases may be found in the old ROS-Industrial subversion repository.

Naming Convention

All robot support packages and MoveIt configurations follow the naming conventions as described in REP-I0007.

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