rosdep multi-package manager system dependency tool
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Latest commit 8c276a4 Apr 28, 2017 @wjwwood wjwwood committed on GitHub Extension of #481 (#499)
* Show installers version with --version option

Specifically, pip and setuptools version is crucial because
pip distributed on apt is very old on Ubuntu 14.04.
I think showing the version of installer helps user to resolve
their issue caused by old package managing tools.


  $ rosdep --version
  gem version unknown
  source version unknown
  rosdep version 0.11.5
  apt-get version 1.0.1ubuntu2
  pip version 8.1.2
  setuptools version 28.6.1

* add option --all-versions

other fix ups as well and added Homebrew/Macports


rosdep is a command-line tool for installing system dependencies. For end-users, rosdep helps you install system dependencies for software that you are building from source. For developers, rosdep simplifies the problem of installing system dependencies on different platforms. Instead of having to figure out which debian package on Ubuntu Oneiric contains Boost, you can just specify a dependency on 'boost'.

rosdep Users/Developers Guide