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ROS 2 Migration: Planar Move

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This pages describes the changes in the planar move plugin in gazebo_plugins for ROS 2, including a migration guide.


  • All SDF parameters are now snake_cased
  • Use remapping argument to change default topics (cmd_vel and odom)
  • Odometry is directly acquired from Gazebo's ground truth
  • Functionality of publishing world-to-odom TF has been added
  • Apart from odom publish rate, the control loop rate can also be adjusted using <update_rate>
  • Publishing of odom and odom TF is optional. Can be controlled using <publish_odom> and <publish_odom_tf> respectively.
  • Co-variance of odom message can be set using <covariance_x>, <covariance_y> and <covariance_yaw>

SDF parameters

odometryFrame odometry_frame
odometryRate publish_rate
commandTopic <ros><argument>cmd_vel:=custom_cmd_vel</argument></ros>
odometryTopic <ros><argument>odom:=custom_odom</argument></ros>
odometryFrame odometry_frame
robotBaseFrame robot_base_frame
robotNamespace :x:

Example Migration


    <plugin name="object_controller" filename="">
      <!-- Add a namespace -->

      <!-- Change the default topic -->

      <!-- Set odom publish rate -->

      <!-- Frame IDs -->


    <plugin name="object_controller" filename="">


        <!-- Add a namespace -->

        <!-- Remap the default topic -->


      <!-- Set control loop update rate -->
      <!-- Set odom publish rate -->

      <!-- Set if odom required -->

      <!-- Frame IDs -->

      <!-- Set odom covariance -->

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