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This site is dedicated to documenting interesting stuff related to the Parallax Propeller microcontroller.

This will only grow into something worthwhile if people contribute to it. Please feel free to add new material, or edit and improve what's here. If you don't feel confident enough to edit a page, or if you have a question or suggestions for improving a page, add an issue


A bunch of information about programming the Propeller.

Development Tools

Tools to help you in developing software for the Propeller chip.


Information about the Propeller Chip and several Development Boards.


Connecting the Propeller to various devices.

Released Projects

Several software projects available for the Propeller.

Propeller Magazine

Online magazine with lots of links to interesting stuff about the Propeller. (no longer updated)

Propeller 2

Rumored information about the next generation Propeller II (Updated as new information is revealed)

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