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Eczar is an open-source type family published by Rosetta with generous financial support from Google. The fonts support over 45+3 languages in Latin and Devanagari scripts in 5 weights. It was designed by Vaibhav Singh (@errorsinc), code and production is by David Březina (@MrBrezina).

Eczar started as a student project in 2010–11 during Vaibhav’s MA studies in Typeface Design at the University of Reading. Eczar was designed to bring liveliness and vigor to multi-script typesetting in Latin and Devanagari – with the intention of providing an alternative to existing designs by imparting a strong mix of personality and performance, both at text sizes and in display settings. The family offers a wide expressive range and the display qualities of the design intensify with corresponding increase in weight, making the heaviest weights best suited for headlines and display purposes.

Eczar specimen 1


You can download the compiled fonts from Releases section of this repo or from the Google Fonts directory. Download the latest release

Building the fonts from source

If you want to compile the fonts from sources, read the production README.

Rosetta – world typography specialists

Rosetta addresses the needs of global typography. Together with our collaborators we create original fonts for a polyphonic world. Our work has been featured and awarded. But most importantly it has enabled people to read better in their native language.

So far our retail library supports pan-European Latin, Arabic, Armenian, Greek, Cyrillic (besides Slavic languages we also support many Asian languages), Inuktitut, and Indic scripts like Gujarati and Devanagari. In total, the library covers more than 200 languages.

For more information see the website at

You can contact us at


The fonts and related code are licensed under Open Font License. See LICENSE.txt for licensing information.

Feedback & progress

This version is now considered final. Let us know if you spot any problem (via issues).

Eczar specimen 2