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Admin panel for Roundware (AngularJS)
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This is an admin dashboard for Roundware. Uses APIv2. Please note that this repository is currently under active development, which will include extensive use of git rebase. If you clone it, you will likely need to use hard resets to bring your local in line with origin:

git fetch origin
git reset --hard origin/master

This is built using AngularJS. It mostly follows John Papa's and Minko Gechev's style guides. Less consideration is given to Todd Motto's guide. Overall, it features a vertical, component-based architecture. A more in-depth development guide will be written up as this project progesses.


# Download the repository into a folder
git clone

# Enter the repo's directory
cd roundware-admin

# Install the required node modules
npm install

# Run grunt to generate the required CSS files
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