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roxlukas ESI Support - part 2 (22%)

- added necessary handlers in ESI library for the Annual Stats app:
- ESI->Character->getAggregatedStats($characterID)
- ESI->Characters->getAggregateStatsYear($characterID, $year);
- ESI->CorporationInformation->getCorporation($corporation_id);
Latest commit 8f343fe May 9, 2018



This project was started at the request of Aideron Technologies CEO in 2013. This software is basically an advanced prototype. Code beauty was not a priority, moreover this is not in objective PHP, just plain-old structural PHP. I had plans to refactor entire project into CodeIgniter framework, but this plan is currently on hold.

For the most current version check the "Releases" page. The trunk code is unstable and is not recommended to run on production.

More information: http://pozniak.pl/wp/?tag=lmeve

Please do not contact "Lukas Rox" in game for support, because I do not read eve-mail

If you find a problem, please open an Issue on GitHub project page: https://github.com/roxlukas/lmeve/issues

Try LMeve's Database module here: http://pozniak.pl/database/index.php

This app requires EVE Online corporation API keys to function.

All Eve Related Materials are Property Of CCP Games

Setup instructions

There is no installer currently, so there is some setup work to get LMeve to run

1. Pre-built VMware VM

This is the easiest way to try out LMeve. Download the VM image from https://pozniak.pl/lmeve-vm/ You will need free VMware Player to run this VM. You can download it here: https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/free#desktop_end_user_computing/vmware_player/7_0

2. Manual Installation

Please refer to LMeve Wiki: https://github.com/roxlukas/lmeve/wiki/Installation-manual

Credits and copyrights

  • LMeve by Lukasz "Lukas Rox" Pozniak

  • LMframework v3 by 2005-2014 Lukasz Pozniak

  • rixxjavix.css skin by Bryan K. "Rixx Javix" Ward


  • TheAhmosis and Razeu - it's their idea that I had the pleasure to wrap in code
  • Crysis McNally - for excellent ideas and thorough testing
  • Aideron Technologies - for excellent closed beta
  • CCP Games - for making such a great game and providing API for us, developer kind, to tinker with

Donations are welcome

According to CCP Developers License paragraph 4 section 4 (https://developers.eveonline.com/resource/license-agreement) you can buy me a coffe or help fund the server.

If you'd like to support the development, feel free to do so: https://www.paypal.me/roxlukas