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Dejavu is a free, open source implementation of Game Maker. It is designed to be compatible with classic versions (8.0 and earlier) and eventually more recent versions (Game Maker: Studio). The goal is to preserve some of indie game dev history, and port it to modern platforms.

You can try it out in your web browser right now!


Dejavu is still in an early stage, but contributions are welcome in the form of bug reports, pull requests, suggestions, and other feedback.

In its current state, it can compile and run Game Maker Language (GML) and drag-and-drop code, with some support for binding to APIs implemented in Rust.

Dejavu currently requires a nightly Rust toolchain to build, though mostly out of convenience. It should move to stable Rust in the future.

There is a Discord server for contributors and users to coordinate and discuss. Stop by and chat!


Dejavu is distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache license. Pull requests are accepted under the same terms.