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Pushes the current active sublimetext file to a metaweblog compatible blog, optionally applying markdown
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#Pushes the currently active SublimeText file to a metaweblog compatible blog

blog settings

Relies on a settings file called "sublimemarkpress.sublime-settings" using the structure:
    "xmlrpcurl": <URL to xml rpc endpoint>,
    "username": <username>,
    "password": <password>


blog tags are optional at the top of the file in the structure:
#post_id:<id of existing post - optional>
#tags:<comma delimited list of post tags - optional>
#status:<draft or publish - optional>


blog title is the first line following that section; if it starts with "#" then it's assumed to be a markdown post


If the file "" from the awesome repo exists, markdown is enabled


Currently, you need to copy this file into the sublimetext packages/user directory. Then on the file you wish to post press ctrl+' and type "view.run_command('publish')"

key mapping

Doesn't pass the "view", so not sure how to do this correctly yet.

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