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With the massive daily increase of useless scripts on Genius's web frontend, and having to download megabytes of clutter, dumb tries to make reading lyrics from Genius a pleasant experience, and as lightweight as possible.


Installation & Usage


docker run -p 8080:5555 --name dumb

Build from source

Go 1.22+ is required.

git clone
cd dumb
make build


  • The default port is 5555, you can use other ports by setting the PORT environment variable.
  • Genius servers are behind a Cloudflare reverse proxy, which means certain IPs won't be able to send requests, to partially mitigate this, you can specify a proxy by setting the PROXY variable (must be a valid URI).

Public Instances

URL Tor I2P Region CDN? Operator No No NL No Yes Yes US No No No DE Yes @MaximilianGT500 Yes No FR No No No DE - No No US/DE Yes Whatever Social

Status Page


  • Instances list in JSON format can be found in instances.json file.
  • For people who might be capable and interested in hosting a public instance feel free to do so, and don't forget to open a pull request, so your instance can be included here.


Contributions are welcome.