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ROS Navigation Stack from Robotics Research Group of Politecnico di Torino
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* rrg-polito-ros-pkg *

ROS Stack for Robotics Research Group of Politecnico di Torino

* Notes and Warnings *
Currently our code was compiled and tested on the following platforms:
 * Ubuntu 11.04 LTS - 32bits
 * Ubuntu 12.04 LTS - 32bits

Using ROS Electric:
but it should run on newer ROS versions with small modifications.

This library is a research-level software which is still in development.

* Installation *
1. Install dependencies
 $ sudo apt-get install ros-electric-occupancy-grid-utils ros-electric-laser-drivers
 $ git clone
 $ rosmake csm

2. Compile and install LAGO optimizer (if needed). An installation of the CSparse library 
   ( is needed.
 $ git clone
 $ cd lago/graphSLAM_sc_fast
 $ make
 $ sudo cp graphSLAM_sc /usr/bin/

3. Download and compile ROS packages
 $ git clone
 $ rosmake graph_slam
 $ rosmake grid_mapper
 $ (optional) rosmake odometry_node 

* How to use *
For running graph slam:

0. (optional) rosrun odometry_node odometry_node (for odometry correction using gyros)

1. rosrun graph_slam graph_slam_node (see source code for options)
2. rosrun grid_mapper grid_construction_node
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