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Flo Water Control for Home Assistant
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Flo Water Control for Home Assistant

Support for Flo Smart water monitoring and control device for Home Assistant. Flo is typically installed on the main water supply line and has sensors for flow rate, pressure, and temperature as well as shut off capabilities. Water shut off can be done manually, remotely, as well as automatically by Flo's emergency monitoring service when a leak is detected.

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Supported Features

  • sensors: water flow rate (gpm), water pressure (psi), water temperature (°F)
  • switching water supply on/off
  • multiple Flo devices and locations
  • changing the FloSense water leak monitoring mode (home, away, sleep)


Visit the Home Assistant community if you need help with installation and configuration of Flo.


The 'master' branch of this custom component is considered unstable, alpha quality and not guaranteed to work. Please make sure to use one of the official release branches when installing using HACS, see what has changed in each version.

Step 1: Install Flo Custom Components

Easiest installation is by setting up Home Assistant Community Store (HACS), and then adding the "Integration" repository: rsnodgrass/hass-flo-water.

However you can also manually copy all the files in flo/ directory to /config/custom_components/flo on your Home Assistant installation.

Step 2: Configure Sensors

Example configuration:

    password: your_flo_password

Step 3: Add Lovelace Card

The following is a simplest Lovelace card which shows data from the Flo sensors:

type: entities
  - entity: sensor.flo_water_flow_rate
  - entity: sensor.flo_water_pressure
  - entity: sensor.flo_water_temperature

Flo Lovelace Examples

Alternatively, Lovelace example with gauges that turn colors when pressure or flow rate is high:

  - type: gauge
    name: Water Pressure
    entity: sensor.flo_water_pressure
    max: 100
      green: 0
      yellow: 70
      red: 80
  - type: gauge
    name: Flow Rate
    entity: sensor.flo_water_flow_rate
    max: 15
      green: 0
      yellow: 10
      red: 12
  - type: gauge
    name: Temp
    entity: sensor.flo_water_temperature
    max: 75
type: horizontal-stack

More complex cards can be created, for example the following shows both the basic entities card as well as a card built with mini-graph-card (see flo/lovelace/ folder for example cards):

Flo Lovelace Examples

See Also

Known Issues

  • BUG: Flo accounts with multiple houses currently don't work. Only a single Flo device per account
  • BUG: does not yet support the Flo v2 API

Feature Requests

  • support metric unit system (liter, C, kPa)
  • auto-create a pressure sensor for status of water flow (Ok, Warning, Critical)

Other ideas (no plans to add currently):

  • support triggering the system test of a Flo device
  • support leak detection sensitivity settings (all, small, bigger, biggest)
  • support FloSense alerts (leaks detected)
  • total water usage for the day/week
  • support Flo's fixtures beta feature breaking down usage by type (e.g. toilets, appliances, faucet, irrigation, etc)

Automation Ideas

  • automatically turn on Away mode for water control system when house goes into Away mode (and vice-a-versa)
  • pre-warm heated towel rack when shower flow rate is detected
  • toilet flush detection as an occupancy sensor (e.g. disable Away modes)
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