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public Chrome extension.
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Gemfile Rake freeze.
Gemfile.lock Rake freeze. + ~ Refactor rake
Rakefile ~ Refactor rake Initial.
init.rb Lol.


Google Reader interface.


Set up config: (see *)

cp  config/oauth.defaults.rb config/oauth.rb
vim config/oauth.rb

Do the Bundler dance:

rvm --rvmrc --create 1.9.2@nakedpaper
bundle install

If the GReader gem is actively being developed alongside this, add the GReader gem somewhere in vendor/:

ln -s ~/Projects/greader vendor/gems/greader


rake start   # or `rackup`, `thin start`, `ruby init.rb`, etc
rake test


Use it as any other Rack up in Passenger/Thin/Unicorn/etc.

Heroku deployment (*)

It's recommended that you do your Heroku stuff on a new branch because we'll need to make some new files:

git checkout -b heroku

It's better to use Heroku env vars to configure OAuth, instead of config/oauth.rb which you can't commit to the repo:

heroku config:add
heroku config:add OAUTH_SECRET=abc123

You will also need to "freeze" assets by pre-converting Sass and Coffee files into .js and .css:

rake freeze

# Assuming you're in the `heroku` branch:
git add .
git commit -m "Update assets."

# If you need to get new updates:
git pull --rebase . master

# Deploy
git push heroku heroku:master
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