Neat Backbone.js integration with Sinatra.
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Neat integration of Backbone.js with Sinatra

Do you like Backbone.js? Do you like Sinatra? Did you ever wish you can use them together? Well now you can, with the new Sinatra Backbone!


This is a Ruby gem.
$ gem install sinatra-backbone --pre

Or do you use Bundler?
gem 'sinatra-backbone', :require => 'sinatra/backbone'


Sinatra-backbone is comprised of two Sinatra plugins:

  • Sinatra::JstPages – Provides support for JavaScript server templates (JST) for use in Backbone views. See JstPages example for a full example application.

  • Sinatra::RestAPI – Provides restful API for your models for use in Backbone models. See RestAPI example for a full example application.

For usage and API reference, please see


© 2011, Rico Sta. Cruz. Released under the MIT License.

Sinatra-Backbone is authored and maintained by Rico Sta. Cruz with help from its contributors. It is sponsored by my startup, Sinefunc, Inc.