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Tool to migrate from IBM RTC to Git

A tool made for migrating code from an existing IBM RTC into a Git repository. Inspired by rtc2git, but written in Java and hopefully faster. It is implemented as scm cli plugin.



  • create an source RTC workspace with flow target and components as wanted → SOURCE_WORKSPACE

  • create an target RTC workspace with SOURCE_WORKPSACE as flow target → TARGET_WORKSPACE

  • check comments at configure rtc workspaces

  • open shell or cmd

  • step into the target directory

  • load the initial target workspace:

scm load -r <uri> -u <username> -P <password> <TARGET_WORKSPACE>

Execute the actual migration:

scm migrate-to-git -r <uri> -u <username> -P <password> -m <> <SOURCE_WORKSPACE> <TARGET_WORKSPACE>

How does it work?

  1. It initalizes an empty git repository and clones it

  2. In this repository, it loads TARGET_WORKSPACE RTC workspace

  3. Every change set is accepted

  4. If there is a baseline on the change set, a tag is created on git

  5. The change set is committed to git

Setup Eclipse development environment

In order to enhance the the migration tool, fix a bug that you may encounter or simply want to run it from your eclipse, here are the steps to set up a development environment:

  • Import Code Style (Window→Preferences→Java→Code Style→Formatter) eclipse-rtccli-format-settings.xml in order to have a common coding style (you can skip this step if you only want to run it)

  • Configure SCMTools Target Platform described here in the wiki. Point to the folder where your scm.exe/lscm.bat is (If you use eclipse classic aka non javaee eclipse, install the Eclipse Plugin Development Tools as described here)

  • Clone this repo and import it in eclipse as maven project

  • Open pom.xml and follow the hint to install the missing maven connector

  • Update maven project using [ALT]+[F5]

  • By this point the project shouldnt contain any errors (make sure you have still your created target platform in window preference selected)

  • You should have an launch-configuration named rtc2git → start it

  • In your console window you should see "Help for: scm migrate-to-git"

  • Open the launch-config and edit the command in arguments/program arguments

In case you use RTC Version 6+ (and have the error Problem running 'help', unknown Subcommand…​), please follow the instructions of this issue-comment in order to run rtc2gitcli.


For more details visit our wiki

Contribute & Feedback

Feel free to report and/or fix issues or create new pull requests


An IBM's RTC SCM tool extension to migrate an RTC repository into a Git repository




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