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Provides a simple way of implementing a jukebox running from nodejs and youtube
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Youtube jukebox

Known Vulnerabilities
This project provides a simple way of implementing a jukebox running from nodejs and youtube.


Node modules


Download the repository and extract if in a zip, then run. npm install This will install all the required modules. If you would like to use the supplied batch file to make the server reboot automatically then run either npm install nodemon or npm install -g nodemon to install it globally


  • port
    • The port to run the webserver on
    • Type: integer
    • Default: 3000
  • youtubeAPIKey
    • Your API key for the youtube API.
    • Can be obtained from here and this API needs to be enabled.
    • Type: string
    • Default: 'youtube api key here'
  • defaultPlaylist
    • The default playlist to play if there is no songs queued. If it is set to '' then it will be disabled.
    • Type: string
    • Default: 'PLx0sYbCqOb8Q_CLZC2BdBSKEEB59BOPUM' (UK Top 40 Songs)
  • defaultRandomOrder
    • True if you want the default playlists songs to be played in a random order.
    • Type: boolean
    • Default: true
  • playerControls
    • Should the youtube player controls be shown.
    • Type: boolean
    • Default: false
  • playerLockedHosts
    • Should the player page be restricted to certain connection domains.
    • EG: would be denied but if navigated to localhost then it would be accepted.
    • Type: boolean
    • Default: true
  • playerLockedHostsList
    • Domain list for above setting.
    • Type: string array
    • Default: ["localhost", ""]


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