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C++ Encryption Project

Final Product

  • Completed Tasks
    1. Rewrote essential functions (now in working order)
    2. Proper input validation
      1. Inputting a character or string when int was desired would break functions and application. Now characters and strings are handled with a (!cin) exception - forcing it to clear error flags and ignore inappropriate cin buffer.
    3. Proper error handling
      1. Input of a number out of menu range informs user of error and returns to top of function.
      2. Input of a char or string informs user of error and returns to top of function
    4. Moved local variables to private data as needed.
    5. Addressed function overload issue by including overload in prototype functions
    6. Wrote clear_screen() function:
      1. Determines compiler's architecture to clear_screen between function calls regardless of Windows or Linux environment.
    7. Wrote sleep() function:
      1. Creates a timed pause after error to display error message prior to clear of screen and returning to function top.
    8. Replaced menu if/if else/else with switch for better error handling.
    9. Reorganized bruteforce() function to what is expected of assignment requirements
    10. Included lowercase/uppercase support
    11. Added transposition offset prompt
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