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A web app to coordinate railsgirls project groups
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You visited a Rails Girls Workshop and now want to join a project group to really learn the way of the code? Or maybe you recently coached at a workshop and now want to do it on a regular basis! If that's the case, this little app is just the one for you!

An overview of who meets when, where, with whom to work on what.

To see the current status of the project and who's working on what, go to


We've had lots of people asking us if this project is open for all to work on and if they can contribute even though they are a) not women, b) not in our project group, c) don't know us, d) some other reason. The answer is of course yes! We are not a closed group and we welcome your PRs. All we ask is that you communicate with us regularly, make clean PRs, test your work, and be nice. If you write some crazy code, explanations are helpful so that we can learn from what you've done and become better coders ourselves in the process. If you have a great idea for a feature & want to implement it, please open an issue, assign yourself to it, and hack away :)

Code of Conduct

You can learn about our Code of Conduct online or in the repo

Just some general information:

Ruby version 2.0+

Rails version 4.1

Make sure you have ImageMagick installed.

In Terminal run (OS X):

brew install imagemagick

Or for Linux run (or with the package manager of your choice):

sudo apt-get install imagemagick

Get the code

Get the code from this repo

git clone

Run locally

Install all the gems

bundle install

Spice up the database

rake db:migrate

Get some data

rake db:seed

Run the server

rails s 

et voilá

Git: branches

Create new branch (you should be in the directory of the project)

git branch Name_of_your_branch

Switch to the newly created branch (the same if you need to change to the branch that already exist)

git checkout Name_of_your_branch

Or for lazy people like Tobi (does both steps at the same time):

git checkout -b Name_of_your_branch    

Push the new branch to the repository (with some commits or just "bare" branch)

git push --set-upstream origin Name_of_your_branch

Delete local branch

git branch -D Name_of_your_branch

Git: commit your changes

Make changes, then

git add -A

Tell the others what you did

git commit -m "description of changes"

Off to GitHub

git push

Make a pull request

  1. Select your branch on GitHub.
  2. Click 'Pull Request'.
  3. Write a little summary of what you did and alert people if you need help. before merging.
  4. When you merge and close your branch, please make sure to include a ridiculous gif.

Deploy to Shelly Cloud

We are now graciously hosted by Shelly

  1. Nudge Tobi or Lisa to invite you to the Shelly Cloud.
  2. Do NOT register online, use the command line option.
  3. Follow the Shelly Cloud "Joining to Existing Cloud" steps.
  4. You can now deploy with shelly login (enter email and password), and then git push shelly (just like Heroku, just with a Shelly).

App runs at:

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