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Installation of all necessary dependencies from a fresh install of Ubuntu:
  ruby setup.rb # see comments if dependencies aren't met

Execution instructions:

  ruby makedepot.rb [VERSION] [restore] [RANGE]... [save] --work=dir --port=n

    "restore" - restore from snapshot before resuming execution

    "VERSION" specifies the Rails version to test.  Examples:

    "RANGE" specifies a set of sections to execute.  Examples:

    "save" - save snapshot after execution completes

    --work=dir: name of work directory to use (default: "work")

    --port=n: port number to use for the test (default: 3000)

  Output will be produced as makedepot.html.

Tests against makedepot.html can also be run separately:

  ruby checkdepot.rb

  Output will be produced as checkdepot.html.

Automation tools:

  setup.rb:     initial setup and verification
  testrails.rb: front end to makedepot that manages the environment
  dashboard.rb: cgi to monitor status / start jobs

Sample configuration data:

  testrails.yml: provides mappings for edition, rails, and ruby versions
  dashboard.yml: lists test configurations

Sample output:
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