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Ruby Together Feedback Forum


This repository serves two purposes:

  1. It serves our public-facing policies and documents.
  2. It invites and manages feedback on those documents, and the organization more broadly.



This repo is where anyone, member or not, can give feedback to Ruby Together. You can participate in existing discussions, or create a new discussion.

Why have a public feedback forum?

Since the beginning, Ruby and RubyGems have been maintained and advanced by a small group of passionate volunteers. We have all of them to thank for the large, vibrant community that exists today. However, Ruby has matured to the point where its supporting infrastructure is both vital to the larger internet economy, and can no longer be maintained by a few volunteers. We created Ruby Together to allow Ruby devs and companies to collectively pay developers for their time and effort working on central and critical projects.

That said, our primary goal is to to serve and improve the entire Ruby community. To help us do that more effectively, we're creating this repo as a collaborative forum where anyone who is passionate about Ruby open source and infrastructure can share and discuss their ideas, opinions, and concerns with each other and with the Ruby Together team. Membership is Ruby Together is not required to participate or give feedback, and all feedback will be read and considered as we decide how to best support the Ruby community in the future.