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** NOTE **
If you like this project, check out
a complete rethink that the author is now using.
If you are a python person and interested in experimenting with stuff, is similar to z, uses python to make experimentation 
somewhat easier (for me at least), but is not really maintained or indented for
everyday use.

maintains a jump-list of the directories you actually use
old directories eventually fall off the list
inspired by Joel Schaerer's
and something similar i had - but i could never get the dir list right.

  source into .bashrc under your '[-z "$PS1" ] || return' line
  cd around for a while

  j [--h[elp]] [--l] [--r] [--s] [regex1 ... regexn]
                      with no args, returns full list (same as j --l)
    regex1 ... regexn jump to the the weighted directory matching all masks
    --l               show the list instead of jumping
    --r               order by recently used instead of most used.
    --s               shortest matching path

  Some handy aliases:
    alias jl='j --l'
    alias jr='j --r'
    alias js='j --s'

  Joel Schaerer aka joelthelion for autojump
  Daniel Drucker aka dmd for finding bugs and making me late for lunch