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semi clone of autojump ( in shell/awk

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** NOTE **
If you like this project, check out
a complete rethink that the author is now using.
And maybe you're interested in, which is
identical to z, but uses python to make experimentation somewhat easier.

maintains a jump-list of the directories you actually use
old directories eventually fall off the list
inspired by Joel Schaerer's
and something similar i had - but i could never get the dir list right.

  source into .bashrc under your '[-z "$PS1" ] || return' line
  cd around for a while

  j [--h[elp]] [--l] [--r] [--s] [regex1 ... regexn]
                      with no args, returns full list (same as j --l)
    regex1 ... regexn jump to the the weighted directory matching all masks
    --l               show the list instead of jumping
    --r               order by recently used instead of most used.
    --s               shortest matching path

  Some handy aliases:
    alias jl='j --l'
    alias jr='j --r'
    alias js='j --s'

  Joel Schaerer aka joelthelion for autojump
  Daniel Drucker aka dmd for finding bugs and making me late for lunch
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