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Hello and welcome!

You have found the rusEFI wiki main page. Here you will find information related to rusEFI, a GPL open-source engine control unit for gasoline port-injected internal combustion engines. This project involves embedded hardware, software, and engines (vroom vroom). This community has many members from many walks of life who are scattered all around the world.

This project is NOT for emissions controlled or safety critical applications. This project is for race cars, snow blowers, fixed engine applications, and science experiments. It is PROHIBITED to use rusEFI on manned aircraft.

In order to use rusEFI you will need to acquire or fabricate one of the supported boards. You can also design your own custom board if so desired.

You can use rusEFI PC simulator to try rusEFI. PC simulator Windows binaries are included into rusEFI Bundle, and the Unix version of PC simulator could be compiled from source code.


Feature Supported?
Hall, VR, CLT, TPS and all popular sensors
TunerStudio online tuning
Batch Injection
Sequential Injection up to 12 cylinders
Wasted Ignition
Sequential Ignition up to 12 cylinders
Flex Fuel 🌽
Closed Loop Fueling
Electronic Throttle Body
Boost Control
Dual AFR signal logging
Launch Control
Acceleration enrichment - wall wetting/fuel trip/tau factor
Digital Dash
on board wideband controller
Knock Sensing & response
Lua Scripting
Direct Injection
Kick start
Traction Control
Rotary Engines ?
Flat Shifting
Automatic Transmission Control
Achievement Results
Hundreds of rusEFI units produced
We've lost track of how many vehicles are running on rusEFI

And many more! The unsupported features listed here are all things that would be amazing to see! IF YOU have a project that includes any of those configurations or anything else, please jump in on the forums and we can work together to make it happen! 👍

Get Started

So you are thinking of doing an engine control project. You have stopped by the correct place. This rusEFI project has many options that can likely help you out. We have several forum members with a wide variety of skills that are often willing to help people out. As well we have several hardware options. If a feature doesn't exist inquire in the forums and it is likely that we can develop the feature. Or better yet, its an open source project, you can develop it yourself and if you feel like giving something back, you can share it with others.

Quick Start

Get Running

Get Tuning

Help Out

rusEFI in action

Engines running rusEFI

Miata rusEFI Racecar!

BMW V12 with dual ETB!

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