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Very similar but slightly different versions of rusEFI bundle are needed depending on which specific rusEFI ECU you are using.

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Common Boards

microRusEFI 0.4 and newer (STM32F4)



STM32 Community Release

Hellen Family Boards

Honda K

Nissan 121 pin

VAG 121 pin

Mercedes 128 pin

Miata NBT 72 pin

Miata NA6 64 pin

Uncommon Boards

Frankenso PnP Miata NA6 bundle

microRusEFI 0.3 and older (STM32F7)

Proteus 0.2 and older (STM32F7)


Older Releases

Nightly Builds

Snapshot Builds

Quick Start

Virtual Simulator


Q: I see something interesting was just changed in the firmware? How do I use latest version?

A: Most snapshot builds take about 30 minutes to get updated on at Snapshot builds

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