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Discord Mods Bot

A discord bot written in rust.


Commands for the bot are managed using the Commands struct. The .add method is used to define commands for the bot to react to.

Defining Commands

Commands are defined using a string and a function. The string is the command that the user must type and the function is the handler for that command.

An example command using an anonymous function as a handler.

let mut cmds = Commands::new();

cmds.add("?greet {name}", |args: Args<'_>| -> Result {
  println!("Hello {}!", args.params.get("name").unwrap());

The same command using a function pointer as a handler.

fn print_hello_name<'m>(args: Args<'m>) -> Result {
  println!("Hello {}!", args.params.get("name").unwrap());

let mut cmds = Commands::new();
cmds.add("?greet {name}", print_hello_name);

Command Syntax

Commands use a syntax with 3 different kinds of elements that can be used together.

  • Static elements must be matched exactly, these are strings like ?talk and !ban.
  • Dynamic elements match any input other than a space. To use a dynamic element in your command use {key} where key can be any name that represents that particular input element.
  • Quoted elements match any input but must be surrounded by quotes. To use a quoted element in your command use [key] where key can be any name that represents that particular input element.

Command Handlers

Functions are used as handlers for commands. Specifically handler functions must use the following signature: (Args<'_>) -> Result.


The Args type encapsulated the parameters extracted from the input as well as the Message and Context types from the Serenity crate.


The library the bot uses to communicate with discord is called Serenity. Serenity abstracts all communication with discord into methods available through the Message and Context types.



Tags are a simple key value store.

Lookup a tag

?tag {key}

Create a tag

?tag create {key} [value]

Delete a tag

?tag delete {key}

Get all tags



Ban a user

?ban {user}


Kick a user

?kick {user}


Set slowmode for a channel. 0 seconds disables slowmode.

?slowmode {channel} {seconds}

Code of conduct welcome message

Sets up the code of conduct message with reaction in the specified channel. Used for assigning talk roles.

?CoC {channel}
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